Welcome! At Akram Medical Complex, We’re more than just healthcare providers, We’re your friends. We go the extra mile. We give you that extra attention. We provide you with high quality healthcare you know you can trust. With us “Patients Come First”, that’s our commitment to you and the feeling that radiates through our halls day after day. We have created this atmosphere to provide good quality medical care in all disciplines of medicine and surgery to all patients in a caring and compassionate manner by an outstanding team of healthcare professionals.

The most critical ingredient for the success of a Healthcare institution is the expertise of its Medical Staff. We are proud to say that at AMC we have the best trained qualified and experienced group of consultants, junior doctors and para-medical staff. Large majority of our consultants are USA trained and Board Certified in their specialties and sub specialties. In addition to providing excellent care to their patients, these consultants have been very actively involved in setting up hospital systems, policies and procedures on the same lines and quality as any state of the art American Hospital. We are also fortunate to have well experienced consultants who were trained in UK. Therefore, we have the best of both healthcare systems.

All of us at AMC are united in pursuit of a single goal, to provide the highest quality healthcare possible, “Quality People Quality Care”.


The mission of AMC is to provide highest quality medical care to all patients in a caring and compassionate manner by an outstanding team of healthcare professionals in an atmosphere conducive to the practice of good medicine. Our commitment to quality healthcare goes beyond bricks and mortar.


AMC has been established to provide highest quality medical care to the people of Pakistan by virtue of careful selection of

  • Medical Expertise
  • Clinical Excellence
  • State of the Art Technology
  • Caring people
  • Preventive Medicine
  • Health care Management


Goals are specific outcomes that are expected of an organization as a whole. We believe that success of an organization can effectively be achieved by building a culture of continuous improvement.

  • Continuously improve customer satisfaction.
  • Continuously improve the quality of services and systems.
  • Continuously improve the Hospital’s financial performance and sustain long-term viability.
  • Continuously improve the Hospital’s competitive position.
  • Continuously improve the Hospital’s organization and work environment.


  • Where Patients Come First

Quality Policy

We at Akram Medical Complex are determined to provide quality health services to the community thereby increasing the confidence expressed in us by the community. We will achieve this by continually improving our Quality Management System and services.


This multi-purpose medical facility was Lahore’s first private hospital. The idea originated by desire from foreign-qualified doctors to provide high quality care to patients in Pakistan.

The need arose from a personal encounter of the owners of Akram Medical Complex with the standard of intensive care in a government hospital. When Prof. Javed Akram took his father to Mayo Hospital while he was suffering from hepatic encephalopathy, he was struck by how poor the critical care facilities at government centers were. That’s when he vowed to set up a center where intensive medical care would be provided to patients, and all investigations and consultations would be provided under one roof. This promise was fulfilled in 1989 when AMC opened its doors to the public.

Since then, Akram Medical Complex has lived up to its promise of being a center of excellence in providing health care. Under one roof the center offers services as varied as renal transplants, bypass surgeries, laser therapies, CT scans and ESMR treatment. The hospital even includes a cafeteria and a nursing hostel.

The public responded with glee at the idea of a center where all services were provided under one roof. Crowds visited AMC for everything from mere consultations to surgeries, deliveries and OPD procedures. Soon the center became a focus point for consultants coming from abroad who were looking for a forum where they could offer their services. Teaching sessions and periodic lectures also became a regular feature at the hospital. AMC led to a mushrooming of similar centers all over the city, making it a definite trendsetter in this respect.